A poem for you


This poem is dedicated to all of you, who have hesitated to do the things you want, or live the life you long for because it seems difficult, uncomfortable or scary to make the changes needed.

Perhaps it’s because other things seemed to be more important or you may have chosen to stand back to support others, leaving you with a sense of something’s missing…
This is for everyony who, like me, have felt there’s something else to discover, something bigger than our own unsatisfied ego.

For me it meant to realize how I had created a pattern of trying to fit in, not taking up too much space, pleasing others and fearing not being included. But the more I held back, the more separated I felt. So this is what I would like to say…

It’s time to grow,
It’s time to show
the world who you are.
It’s time to stop acting small,
time to raise your head and stand up tall.

It’s time to realize your own strength
and willingly accept your individual gifts.
Perhaps make some life changing shifts…
It is time to grow,
It is time to show,
the world who you are.

What would you do if you knew you could’t fail?
If you knew that nothing could go wrong.
Would you set a larger sail?
Knowing it would only leave you strong.

Imagine the joy as you leave the fear behind
and embark a journey that’s still unsigned.
What if you listened to your own heart’s song?
If you lived the life you long.

So, my friend,
Turn away from regret, jealousy and strife.
It’s time to embark the journey called life.



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