We take ourselves far too seriously

Often we take ourselves far too serious!

As I meditate, little seeds of words or pictures comes in to my perception and one is that we are so hard on ourselves.
We believe we should be capable of so many different things and have enough energy and strong spirit to do all those things, AND do it with an energized calm, radiating peace and love in all directions and at all times.
How on earth did we come to that conclusion?
When did we start to believe that?
And how are we going to achieve it?
We get lost in details and miss the input from the Universe around us that everything is interconnected!
We are all part of something much bigger than our individual drama and life story.
You are me, and I am you and we all breathe the same air, sharing a human experience and longing for connection.
When did we forget?

We get tired because we miss the universal input to reconnect with our true self and how to refill.
We get so caught up in our personal stories and limiting beliefs, that we miss the portal to connection, which never was closed.

We feel separate.

I had a vision of myself in a cage or cell with bars and I was calling for someone to let me out.
A wonderful being came after a while.
When I looked closer, I saw that it was my Higher Self, my wise side who also lives inside me, and is me.
She gently pushed the door open a little and smiled,
– It was never locked, she said.
I also remember a story told by Jack Kornfield about an incredible wise Abbot. People came from all over the world to listen to his profound wisdom.
Yet, if he missed the bus, or it left the bus stop a few seconds early, he could go totally bonkers!
This reminds us that we can be very developed and wise in some aspects of our being, and in others we are still five years old.
And why shouldn’t we? I kind of like being five sometimes!
With love and blessings to you all,

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