Our vulnerability to impermanence brings us together

Vulnerability brings us together

The impermanence of all things

Everything that has a beginning has an end. If I can make peace with this, and live my life accordingly to this truth, much of my suffering will end. I try as often as I can remember to remind myself of what’s important, what really matters to me. I try to remember to honour my life, and stay curious. I make mistakes and try again.

This too shall pass

Although I don’t enjoy it, I am not afraid of the dark days and nights, they too will pass. I was told in a dream to honour the holes and cracks in my heart, for they are great teachers and the ones that help light to enter in to my being. I have found this to be true, because each time I have turned to my own suffering and softened in to it, I become more open and less tight. This in turn have opened for new (and sometimes old) friends and other loving people and situations to turn up, just when I least expected.

Say NO to abuse

I want to be kind and show compassion but say NO to abuse. If I let others limit my life and let their needs become mine, it is time to make a change. I can enjoy the company of another, I can love them, but I can’t fill the hole in their chest. They too have to tend to their own pain the way I am willing to touch mine. I am as open to life as I can, even when I feel lost, and am slowly becoming more familiar with my own needs after years and years of tending to others wellbeing. I have enjoyed it, but as I turn the attention inwards, I realize that my tending to, and my compassion for myself has grown thin. But as I began this text – everything that has a beginning has an end, which means that this pattern is ending now, as I am exploring new ways of making friends with my lifelong partner – myself.

Do not live after other peoples expectations

May you and I give ourselves permission to live our lifes the way our heart whispers, even if it’s not what we believe others expect. May we trust in our own capacity and love for the wonder of the life we have been entrusted, and allow each step to unfold as we go. May we all take the first step we don’t want to take. May we make the words be our own. You are not alone. I am not alone. We belong. This we forget from time to time.

May we help each other to remember what is most important in our lives.                                   Everything that has a beginning has an end. May I make peace with it.


  1. Thank you Mona. The words sprung from my own heart and my own life, so it was not so hard to make the words my own. You know, sometimes that can be a bit hard to do. It’s nice to read somebody elses.

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