The Art of Nourishment, 13-17 juli 2020

13-17/7 – The Art of Nourishment

Balance your hormones, enhance your digestion, boost your energy and banish negative body talk. This week is about celebrating life and falling in love with food again! Through stillness, journaling, movement and preparation of various delicious vegetarian meals and smoothies, foraging for wild plats and herbs, you will return home with lots of joy inspiration!
This retreat will be taught in english by Jenifer Carr and Kristina Dürr

About Jenifer:

Jen is a certified transformational eating coach registered with the Institute of the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado. I work with men and women from all over the globe to overcome limiting beliefs and obsessive behaviours around food, dieting and body image. Spent a lifetime disliking your body? Denying your appetite? Eating in secret? Under-eating and over-exercising? I hear you.

Dieting and the obsessive thinking that accompanies it creates stress chemistry, weakens your metabolic power and ironically, creates an endless cycle of weight gain, compromised immunity, low energy and a cascade of other unwanted symptoms. Now, I know the idea of letting go of diet mentality and its false promises is scary. But it is holding you back.

Freedom from the diet trap is possible. A life beyond the scales is within reach. I know, because I found it. I’m here to show you how. Read more

Read more about Kristina:

Date: 29/6-3/7
Price: 8 800 kr