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Let 2017 be the year to look for the light in everyone

I am writing this in English so that my dear friends from all parts of this earth can understand.
I feel confident that my Swedish friends are fine with this.
It is 2017.
I wish you all a heartfelt Happy New Year!
I also wish that for myself, to remind us that we are all one, really.
We are all part of a life journey filled with challenges, but also filled with love and beauty, if we choose to see and feel it. In our longing for connection, in our lives with ten thousand joys and sorrows and in our hope to be really loved, forgiven and treasured-we are all one. This we share.

For me, 2016 was a mixture of emotions and experiences, as I belive is the truth for all of you, all of us. I had some wonderful moments and truly beautiful deep connections with people, something I am eternally greatful for.
I also got married to my love Mats Alinder, which is a truly magnificent celebration to, and of life.
But this year also brought with it a lot of worry and sadness for the world and how things are developing.
I have felt heavy and burdened, in spite of all my happiness and the miracles around me. I got a bit stuck I think.
What I have to remind me, and you, is that this is not a personal story or experience. It is a human experience. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes, and it is our mind that tells us that it should not be so. Not our hearts.

So let’s end the judging, the blaming. No one is benefited by reminding oneself of all the things we aren’t, or have not done so well. Still, we keep doing it. How weird. Why can’t we just be our own best friend? I heard the phrase ”Everybodys fault, no body to blame”, and I understand.
This new year, just one day old, I want to focus on the things that make me grow. I wish for you to do the same!

Inspired by my wonderful friend, Madeleine Arderup and her lovely painted card on this picture, I want to search for the light, everyday. And in every person and situation. Look at the flowers, how they stretch towards the light. You can do that too.

I want to see the sometimes hidden light in the soul of another, not forgetting myself.
I do not want to focus or analyze my shortcomings, nor on yours. I wish to leave behind my sometimes desperate intentions to change or heal the cracks, which do not make me a broken person, they rather let the light in, as Leonard Cohen so beautifully wrote.

Instead, I wish for us all to celebrate our strengths, beauty and gifts that we all have.
Please join me in this intention for 2017.
The world, and all of us need a loving touch. But do not forget that the willingness to serve is quite different from the willingness to please!
Please be careful and tender with yourself end the people you meet.
All my blessings and love to you all, and to myself, for this new adventure of 2017.

A poem for you


This poem is dedicated to all of you, who have hesitated to do the things you want, or live the life you long for because it seems difficult, uncomfortable or scary to make the changes needed.

Perhaps it’s because other things seemed to be more important or you may have chosen to stand back to support others, leaving you with a sense of something’s missing…
This is for everyony who, like me, have felt there’s something else to discover, something bigger than our own unsatisfied ego.

For me it meant to realize how I had created a pattern of trying to fit in, not taking up too much space, pleasing others and fearing not being included. But the more I held back, the more separated I felt. So this is what I would like to say…

It’s time to grow,
It’s time to show
the world who you are.
It’s time to stop acting small,
time to raise your head and stand up tall.

It’s time to realize your own strength
and willingly accept your individual gifts.
Perhaps make some life changing shifts…
It is time to grow,
It is time to show,
the world who you are.

What would you do if you knew you could’t fail?
If you knew that nothing could go wrong.
Would you set a larger sail?
Knowing it would only leave you strong.

Imagine the joy as you leave the fear behind
and embark a journey that’s still unsigned.
What if you listened to your own heart’s song?
If you lived the life you long.

So, my friend,
Turn away from regret, jealousy and strife.
It’s time to embark the journey called life.




Häromdagen fick jag vardagsinspiration till filosofiskt tema på yogan genom en underbar kompis! Hon vet inte om att hon inspirerat mig, men nu så tror jag hon fattar.

Tack snälla du för att jag får vara din vän och höra dina kloka synpunkter! Här kommer historien:

Nyligen träffade jag en god vän som jag inte sett på ett tag. Hon och hennes man har separerat, de har sålt huset i den gulliga lilla byn och flyttat in i var sin lägenhet i en förort. Barnen hade de varannan vecka. Hon saknar det gamla livet även om hon vet att det inte hade varit bra och det ju var därför de hade separerat. Det fick mig att tänka på hur lätt det är att längta till något odefinierbart som tycks vara bättre än det vi har nu. Och visst kan vardagen vara påfrestande med all sin logistik, alla beslut, allt ansvar, känslan av att inte hinna med…Det är så lätt att fastna i det negativa som gör oss trötta.

Jag tror att den här känslan av att ”inte riktigt vara där man vill vara just nu”, eller att inte ha allt man behöver för att kunna vara riktigt nöjd, är rätt vanlig bland oss människor. Ju mer vi tänker på något, desto mer energi riktas dit.

Och det som får energi växer sig större. Så vad är det då vi ger energi i sådana situationer? Hur talar vi till oss själva? Min vän berättade att hon själv kommit på en sak: i stället för att gå ur sängen på morgonen med den vanliga tanken hon brukade ha: ”Jag vill inte ha det så här”, nu hade bytt ut den mot: ”Undrar vad jag kommer att lära mig idag”?

Hon bytte alltså ut sin problem-inriktade fokus mot en mer öppen attityd, mer nyfiken.

Är det inte genialt?!

Om vi lägger lite mer energi på att lägga märke till det mer subtila, det som också är sant, de lågmälda vardagsmiraklen, mår vi ofta bättre och får mer energi på köpet.

Så vad är det som får uppmärksamhet?

Hur kan du skapa utrymma i din vardag för de små lågmälda miraklen?